General Objectives

Based on the philosophical view of human needs in order to be contributing members of the society, Holy Spirit Intergarted School aims to meet the essential needs of every member of the Holian Community in a learning environment that:


Provides sufficient and well-maintained school facilities that sustain natural environment, where competent school personnel are innovative in the growing field of Education.


Respects the rights of every individual and gives opportunity to explore and learn from mistakes in a safe environment without experiencing humiliation.


Maintains good interpersonal relationship that inspires life and learning through cooperation and collaboration.


Empowers individuals to be confident to utilize their talents and skills as responsible citizens who promote significant progress and social justice.


Nourishes, develops and equips intellectual growth, worthy values and physical well-being, as well as socio-civic and cultural aspects of the individual.


Appreciates the meaning, purpose and difference of simple or diverse existence.


Emphasizes on the fruit of the Holy Spirit as a guide in all learning and living activities.

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