Holy Spirit
Integrated School

Holy Spirit Integrated School (HSIS) is a private non-sectarian educational institution that offers Affordable Quality Education in the City of Antipolo. Fostering a strong school community, it is widely known as the original “purple school” that develops students with emphasis on discipline and excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts.

HSIS Academic Programs are supervised by highly qualified professionals in the field of education from the University of the Philippines. It is the home of the “White Doves”, the HSIS’ athletic team which has produced competitive athletes in the Southern Tagalog CALABARZON Athletic Association (STCAA) Meet and Palarong Pambansa. Special elective classes in foreign languages, visual and performing arts such as painting, drawing, guitar, flute, keyboard, drum and lyre, dance and voice are also taught to its students to further develop their artistic potentials.

Each HOLIAN, a name given to a student of HSIS, is ensured of a Holistic Education that would make him/her a contributing member of the society.

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22 Years of Experience & Excellence

Course Offerings

K-12 Compliant ~ Department of Education(DepEd) Curriculum.

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Grades School

  • Junior Grades School (Grades 1-3)

  • Senior Grades School (Grades 4-6)

High School

  • Junior High School (Grades 7-10)

  • Senior High School (Grades 11-12)

    • Academic:

      - General Academics (GAs)
      - Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
    • Technical-Vocational and Livelihood (TVL):

      	- Computer Hardware Servicing
      	- Computer Programming 
      	- Commercial Cooking
      	- Travel Services
      	- Handicraft-Fashion Accessories 

College (Distance Education thru CAP College)

  • A. Bachelor of Arts (BA) major in:

  • - Journalism
  • - English
  • - Information Technology
  • - Political Science
  • - Psychology
  • - Economics
  • - History
  • - Sociology
  • B. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration (BSBA) major in:

  • - Marketing
  • - Management

Elective Classes

  • Foreign Languages

  • Visual Arts

  • Performing Arts

HSIS Believes that:

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically, INTELLIGENCE plus CHARACTER - that is the goal of true education.

~ Martin Luther King Jr. ~

That's why, Education and Learning is NOT just all about...

Speaking in English


Science Experiments


Solving Math Problems


Self-Expression in Arts and Music


Winning in Sports


Montessori teaching approach


Religious Rituals


Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.

~ Albert Einstein ~

Education is not just going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life.

~ Shakuntala Devi ~

Integrated Holistic Education

is the way to realize the true goal of education because INTELLIGENCE should be nourished in different forms, and CHARACTER should be persistently molded from an early age, through the SPaN CoRe DReAM loop.

Alumni and Students' Testimonials

Image of Karen Barbado

I am very thankful and feel really blessed that HSIS granted my request for being part of their scholarship program. Being a working scholar is not an easy task, you'll study in the morning till afternoon then will help clean the school at dismissal.

My goal as a working schoolar or a scholarship grantee is simple, be a student that abides rules and regulations inside the campus and be a good citizen outside the campus. I believe this will help me change my life and boost my confidence. I don't have to be ashamed that I am cleaning rooms or doing household chores because I know that doing those kind of things are just part of my training for a more challenging future.

Karen Barbado / Senior High School

Our Awesome Partners

We thank our partners for their continuous support for HSIS and HSIS Community. ~~SOLI DEO GLORIA~~

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