By: Bernard Joshua A. Pontillas

8 - Bethesda


        The OEP (Outbound Educational Program) for this school year was held last December 3, 2015, this is an activity which made students learn new things while having fun. The purpose of this event is to open up our minds, to help us interact in what we are learning, to enhance our social interaction, and to gain new experiences. We went to historical places and natural sites.

        On that day, everyone came to school early for the OEP. Junior high school department went through an adventure in Bataan, which is known as the starting-point of the Death March during World War II. One of the places visited by Junior High School students was Mt. Samat National Shrine, which is built to honor and remember the gallantry of Filipino and American soldiers who fought during World War II. Everyone was given a chance to go up the Mt. Samat Cross to appreciate the view, take pictures and experience the fun. We went through a seemingly endless staircase to reach the top. Afterward, we went underground to see the museum featuring garments, pictures taken during World War II, and other memorabilia that were recovered.

        The next destination visited was Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. The facility was a project of the former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, but it never operated. As we were led inside the power plant, a tour guide continually impart information about the facility. Despite the temperature inside, the students enjoyed and learned so much.

        Last place visited was the Pawikan Conservation Center, a private sector which offers care and custody to pawikans, then eventually release them in the wild. A speaker taught the students everything they need to know about pawikans. The center also has a pawikan hatchery. Unfortunately only one pawikan hatched that day, so only the class mayors had the opportunity to release a baby pawikan in the wild.

        The OEP concluded safely and left memories that will last a lifetime to the hearts and minds of all participants.




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