By: Minerva Leonor A. Nerves

7 - Attalia


         HSIS held its annual Grand Recital last Dec. 17 in Robinsons Place Antipolo. The teachers and staff prepared and worked hard to ensure the smooth flow of the program. The event was conducted to draw out our hidden talent in music and arts, to build our confidence, and to familiarize us to applause and cheers of spectators.

         Holians crowded the floor with nervous sighs, their excitement oozing out, and murmurings of words of encouragement to one another were heard across the place. The program started with an opening prayer from one of the teachers, singing of the national anthem, and brief opening remarks from our school principal, Dr. Jerome T. Buenviaje. Then the sound of the flutes resounded, thumping of the drums grew, feet moved and hips swayed along the music, voices echoed, soft strumming of the strings reverberated, and each ended with exhilaration.

         After the performances, the principal invited the music instructors who have contributed in the students’ performance to go up the stage to take their final bow and formally acknowledge their hard work. Then a short prayer of thanksgiving and singing of the school hymn ended the program - a flute rendition by the eighth grade students. Finale of another successful event.


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