Procedure and Requirements

A. Admission Procedure (New Student)

  1. Completely fill-out the Information Sheet from the OAS (Office of Academic Support).
  2. Present the Information Sheet and pay the Assessment Test Fee of Php200.00 at the OBF (Office of Business & Finance).
  3. Return to OAS and present the Official Receipt with the Information Sheet.
  4. Take the Assessment Test.
  5. Reading Comprehension will be given by the examiner while waiting for the result of the Assessment Test.
  6. Interview with the Academic Department Head.
  7. Submit all admission requirements to the School Registrar (OAS).

 B. Requirements

    1. Assessment Test
    2. Original Form 138 (Report Card)
    3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
    4. 3 pcs. 1x1 ID photos
    5. Long brown envelope
    6. Certificate of Good Moral (High School Students only)

 C. Enrollment Procedure

  1. Completely fill-out the Registration Form from the Registrar (OAS).
  2. Proceed to the OBF for Assessment and payment of fees.
  3. Submit the COR (Certificate of Registration) to the OAS.
  4. Claim books, notebooks, uniform and other school supplies at the bookstore.
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