Scholarships and Discounts

1. Academic Scholars

  1. Elementary graduates with top honors (Valedictorian or Salutatorian) with a batch not less than 200 students from a duly recognized school with the recommendation of their principal shall be awarded 100% on tuition and miscellaneous fees for the first year only.
  1. Scholarship in this category must be maintained with a grade not lower than 85% in any trimester of the year.
  1. A maximum of 4 students may be awarded for this category.
  1. Holian Medal Awardees of Preparatory & Grade 6 shall have discount  on tuition fee as stated:

            i. Gold Medal              –         50%    
            ii. Silver Medal            –          30%
            iii. Bronze Medal         –          20%

  1. White Dove Awardees (non-graduating) and Purple Awardees (graduating) at the end of each academic year shall be entitled to a 10% discount on tuition fee.

2. Athletic Scholars

  1. Pupils/students who played in the Southern CALABARZON Athletic Association (STCAA) Meet in the previous school year shall have  50% discount on tuition fee.
  1. Pupils/Students who won or have been selected to participate in the Palarong Pambansa after the Southern Tagalog CALABARZON Athletic Association (STCAA) Meet in the previous year shall have 100% discount on tuition fee.

3. Felix L. Buenviaje Scholarship Grant (Working Scholars)

  1. The program of special assistance is offered to poor and deserving students.
  1. Must possess good character and shows no guidance record.
  1. Application letter to avail of the FLB Scholarship Grant must be filed and approved by the scholarship committee.

4.  Mila T. Buenviaje Scholarship Grant (Sibling Discount)

           A special discount on siblings may be availed through a letter of request duly approved by the Office of Business & Finance. This special privilege of 100% tuition fee discount is subject to the number of slots available and shall be awarded to third kid or the youngest kid (in case of more than three kids).

5. Other Discounts

Early Bird Promo: a special discount on tuition fees based on the phase of the promo. Partial Payment may be accepted provided that the remaining balance must be settled on or before the last day of the EBP Phase. Unsettled account shall be adjusted to the phase applicable on full settlement.

           The above-stated discounts/scholarships are not applicable as additional discounts if a student enrolls during the Early Bird Promo.

           In case a student qualifies in more than one of the guidelines herein set, only the highest percentage of discount shall be applied.

Government Subsidy

1. Education Service Contracting (ESC)

      The ESC Program aims to democratize and improve access to quality junior high school education through government extension of financial assistance to deserving elementary school graduates who wish to pursue their junior high school education in private schools. By providing support to students in private schools, the Program also contributes towards reducing class sizes in public junior high schools to desired levels, especially for those experiencing shortage of classrooms and techers. Thus, the ESC is one means by which the government is able to decongest public junior high schools.

           Program beneficiaries in ESC participating private junior high schools are assured of the Government's commitment to support their education for as long as they meet the requirements for regular promotion to each of the succeeding school years until they graduate.

           The ESC is a concrete demonstration of public-private partnership that is apparent at all levels of the program's operations. DepEd, the PEAC through its National Secetariat, and the participating private schools recognize the need to continuously monitor and evaluate the ESC. A database on the ESC has been developed and is being maintained. The DepEd shall allocate and obligate the anual GASTPE budget within the calendar year so that payments can be effected to the participating schools on time.

           As part of the ESC program and pursuant to Section 14, "Teachers' Salary Subsidy Fund" (TSS) of RA 8545, the DepED has earmarked a portionof its GASTPE appropriations to finance the grant of salary subsidy to teachers in participating private secondary schools in the ESC Program. The grant of salary subsidy to licensed teachers in participating private junior high schools in the ESC program was implemented beginning in SY 2009-2010.

ESC Flyer

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