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HSIS Core Values

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HOLIANS are...



is honoring God and devoting every undertaking to Him.

  • Weekly fellowship
  • HOPE Activity
  • 1st Communion (for Catholic Pupils only)
  • Patriotic

    is love of country.

  • Regular Flag Ceremony
  • Palatuntunan sa Buwan ng Wika
  • Socio-Civic Activities
  • Cultural Film Festival
  • Naturalist

    is caring for the environment and natural resources.

  • Outbound Education Program
  • Environmental Advocacies
  • Competent

    is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

  • Excellent Academic Programs
  • Academic Competition & Athletic Trainings
  • Visual and Performing Arts Electives
  • Foreign Languages Electives
  • Responsible

    is the state of having a duty to deal with someone or something.

  • Holian Camp
  • Leadership Training
  • Student Council
  • Disciplined

    is the practice of obedience and self-control.

  • School Rules Implementation
  • Speak in English Policy
  • Cadet Officer Candidacy Course
  • Respectful

    is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities and qualities.

  • Comprehensive Anti-bullying Policy
  • Programs that foster strong school community culture
  • Appreciative

    is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of something regardless of its values.

  • Thanksgiving Celebration
  • Family Day
  • Morally Upright

    is the practice of correct principles and beliefs concerning right or wrong behavior.

  • Guidance Counseling
  • SHARE Program
  • Integrated Guidance Program
  • Educational Philosophy

    Human beings live for a purpose and should learn the essentials in life to give glory to God and be contrinuting citizens of the country and the world.

    We are the school of

    C H O I C E

    Community of Holians Observing Integrated Character & Excellence

    Front Campus

    Dove's Eye


    Rear Campus

    Dove's Eye


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    Our Awesome Partners

    We thank our partners for their continuous support for HSIS and HSIS Community. ~~SOLI DEO GLORIA~~

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